Wednesday, March 10, 2010

JerryLStudio – A Retrospective of the Week March 10th 2010

Here are some of my own Tweets that were taken down the Twitter stream by some of my followers. I hope they resonate with you as well :-)

One canvas refuses to talk to me. Of course that’s the one I obsess about.

I do love a puzzle. I began the painting on one of my paint dates. I was enjoying the spontaneity of the moment. The balance was off; the color, difficult. I looked at this canvas every day (often!) wondering where to take it next. I added yellows and blues to liven it. Still out of balance with no woven newspaper field. I sorted through my supplies and found a suitable weaving and cut it to fit. After an hour of moving the weaving on the canvas, I rotated the canvas and achieved BALANCE! Now! What next? It is still wanting more. I hope to show you the completed canvas soon.

My high school friend’s husband died today. What color is grief? How do I paint sadness?

She was one of my closest friends in high school 45 years ago. I dreamed we’d marry one day. We didn’t’. She met and married an incredible guy who appreciated and loved her absolutely. He was wonderful. I’ve not seen them for over 10 years – they live across the country from me. I learned he’d died during heart surgery. I cannot imagine what she must be going through. The grief & sadness.

My stash of tin can lids is growing! And friends wonder why I love tomato juice so.

The first time I opened a can using my spiffy new smooth lid can opener, I beheld that disk of tin and said, “This is so cool! What can I do with this puppy?” I saved every lid from every can for four years. I purchase tomato juice in cans for the can lids (and I love tomato juice). I made a shower screen (not curtain) out of the lids using 76 tomato can lids and 122 soup can lids. It’s incredible! Now I want another screen! Drink more juice!

Ever caught yourself studying reflections in glass wishing you could paint those colors?

People think I’m having some sort of petit mal seizure. My eye catches light reflected in a glass or coffee, or the salad dressing at the end of a meal. The colors can be spectacular! Am I the only one who notices? One of my favorite RTs is from @MarkS_Art who, in one word, validated my observation. He made my day! He said: Yes!

It’s clouding over. I predict a dark & gloomy paint palette. #savemefromrain

Anyone who reads my tweets, reads my blogs, knows me knows I love the sun, love the heat, loathe cold and wet and rain. My dark and gloomy moods are in direct proportion to cloud cover.

Here are some Tweets I found edifying (or just plain fun)

@OrlandoDesigner I am volunteering to help give our local animal shelter a badly needed facelift- recruiting friends to help, maybe a fundraiser. Fun!

I would have absolutely no pets if it weren’t for the earth angels at animal shelters. My dog (1) and cat (7 & counting) have come from shelters. They bring me joy and keep me sane. Our African Sulcata tortoise (Torguga) was rescued in Tucson and eventually found his way into my garden. I went with @TheDeeView to the local animal shelter looking for a new dog. I offered a piece of my artwork to @OrlandoDesigner’s fundraising efforts. I urge other artists to donate to good causes such as this.

@madfashionista Oh dear lord, I know the actress in the toilet-paper commercial. I'll never be able to look her in the face again.

Dharling, you make me smile. You had me ROFL Oscar night! Thanks for the laugh (as you always do!)

@ShykiaBell The secret of innovation is to see what all see but think what none think. Robin Sharma (via mark_tetzner)

It is like my love affair with newspaper. Other’s read it, I re-think it into art! Thanks for the reminder!

@SwarezArt I uploaded a YouTube video -- Swarez - One year in Paintings, Abstract and Modern

An amazing video of his art over the past year. You have inspired me! How can a painter live without a piece like this! TY

A shout out to some my newest followers (I know, someone is actually reading what I wrote #suchascarythought #cantthinkofthatorwillstopwriting)

@adoptionart @MI2design @LarryBlanken @xaxii @JenKuhnPR

And another to some of those that #MentionMonday RTed my blog. A great thanks to you all!

@McKinnonCC, @DoubleKCreative, @spudrph, @mduffywriter

And lastly a few blogs I found through #MentionMonday.

@MonikaDickson Also trying out this #MentionMonday thing for my art blog, and I love to get your comments.

Always great to support other artists. Loving the colors in those paintings. Glad to find a fellow artisan blogger!

@elijzbar #MentionMonday if you like hilarity, sarcasm and over all awesomeness, check out my blog!,

Besides living up to her hype, she’s captured some great images!

@craftycmc #MentionMonday "That's a Nice Rack!" No, not what you think. Hmmm, with this crowd...? RT pls @craftycmc

Funny, funny stuff, plus she is the founder of #MentionMonday, so all you bloggers might want to DM her to join in to promote your blogs (it really helped ‘launch’ my blog, “Sailor’s Delight”)

I hope you found this blog as entertaining to read as it was for me to write #didntreallybuthadtosaythat. Feel free to leave comments below or to inquire regarding “Sailor’s Delight” (or any other painting for that matter) do not hesitate to contact me at @jerrylstudio or

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