Monday, June 14, 2010

The Pool Party


In my last post, I talked about the Memorial Day weekend being the last fling of the Palm Springs season. It is usually one of the last great outdoor weekends before the desert really heats up. The ambient temperature of our pool is generally around 90 degrees this time of year. This year, it’s been cooler than usual. We had two days above 100 degrees so far this year. Last year, there were about 21. We heated the pool to 87 degrees. Yes, I am a cold wimp.

There are generally at least three pool parties we’re invited to on Memorial Day weekend. And we always have one on the Sunday of this weekend. Jim and Josh arrived along with 40 other of our friends. The pool was 87 degrees and the margaritas were good. Josh was holding court in one corner of the pool telling his incredibly convoluted and funny stories. Jim pulled me aside, “let’s talk.”

I’m an introvert. My first thought was “Oh, God! What have I done?!?”

Jim wanted to talk about Josh’s birthday which was a few days away. And he wanted to look at my new work. Into the studio we went. We spent a bit of time discussing the paintings. He then told me he wanted to purchase one of my paintings as a birthday present for Josh.

Yes! There is a God!

Jim wanted Josh’s reaction to my current work before deciding on the “one.” Back into the water we went. About an hour later, Jim, all casual like, mentioned to Josh that he’d peeked at my new work and though Josh would like to see them. Back to the studio!

Josh has visceral reactions to abstract art. He can verbalize specifically how a particular painting makes him feel and why. He’s drawn to bright colors and pattern. Josh is a talker, remember. He had something, OK LOTS to say about each piece. It was gratifying to know he liked my work. The introvert in me is thinking, “Who in hell’s work is he talking about?” And I had a great time. I must have been grinning like the Chestershire Cat .

When Josh declared the darkest, moodiest painting to be his absolute favorite and the bright, sunny “Icarus” to be a close second, Jim and I were shocked. He loved the dark, moody painting. “It makes me think and most abstract paintings just make me feel: This painting changes every time I look at it. I like that.” Good man! I left them alone so they could talk. And, I had been neglecting our other 38 guests for a while.

Back into the pool. Jim and Josh returned to the pool party a bit later.

Jim pulled me aside again. I was sure he was going to say he would have to pass on Josh’s birthday present idea. That pesky introvert head talk again. What Jim said was, “I want to buy two paintings. Is that OK?”

Is that OK? Damn straight! (Sorry, poor choice of words…) Of course it is OK!

For some reason, he always purchases artwork in pairs. I’m not sure why but I wasn’t about to suggest he abandon that tradition now!

Jim told me which two he wanted. Assured him he could definitely have those two. I would put his name on them. Jim was really excited about buying these two paintings and kept telling me “Don’t tell Josh. He doesn’t know.”

Jim & Josh stopped by on their way home Monday to pick up the two canvases. Josh’s birthday was the next day and he seemed genuinely please with Jim’s present to him. I asked Josh if he was surprised with Jim’s gift. “I may be a Scott, but I’m not a fool! Of course I figured it out! And I love ‘em!”

I am pleased too! I received a simple two line note: “I’ve hung both pieces and they are beautiful! Please come and see them any time you like.” You know I will, Jim & Josh.

These two paintings are no longer available. See what happens when you delay? However, you can see all my artwork available for purchase (excluding “Icarus” & “Winter Rain”) on my website at . If you want more information on any of my artwork or to make a purchase, you can contact me by replying to this blog, e-mail me at (best option) or telephone my studio at 760.992.3157.

Thank you for listening!

Jerry L. Hanson


  1. Awesome, Jerry!! Congratulations! I know they will treasure your paintings.

    aka @colorpoetry on Twitter

  2. I love this painting, Jerry. I managed to find you via the #mentionmonday hash tag on twitter and I am so grateful I did. Your paintings are speaking to me today. GRATEFUL!

    < Look here to get a taste of what I have been up to lately!