Monday, September 13, 2010

Peat. Repeat

Work in progress - 32" X 33 "

Several weeks ago, in my blog titled “Strip Search” I talked about my experience in poor planning when I ran out of materials to complete a woven image. I had to prepare an additional 90 sheets of newspaper so that I could cut just one one inch strip from each to complete the piece.

I completed the piece and it come out spectacular! So I made a second one. This one too is spectacular. I had cut one inch strips to correspond to those unused from the first batch. The rest of the newspaper, I cut into ½ inch strips. I began a third piece using half inch strips cut from the second batch of paper. I wanted to make smaller scale weavings.

I began my piece. I reasoned that since I would be using ½ inch strips of paper instead of one inches strips, the finished piece would be smaller. True. It is half the size. What I totally forgot is that even though it’s half the size, it still takes the same number of strips of paper to complete the weaving. Damn!

I made the same stupid mistake I made on the first weaving! So now I have a half completed weaving that is looking fantastic! And I ran out of materials.

Strip search all over again….. I still have a couple of hundred copies of that newspaper ad. I am NOT going to prep another 100 copies of that ad just to complete this one weaving! What to do?

Working with one inch wide strips of paper, the images on the strip are important. It is less forgiving than working with half inch strips of paper. I found the half inch strip of newspaper immediately adjacent to the one I used and I believe I can continue and not have the “shift” in image be too dramatic.

The image above is where this piece is now. I will continue the work using a different strip of paper and I promise to show you the result. I hope it is not noticeable! I will notice. I hope YOU will not.

I am obsessing about my new show opening September 25th in conjunction with Smithsonian Museum Day..If you are in the Coachella Valley, please come see my show at the Fashion Mall in Indio. I will let you know more details in my next blog.

Should I blame my stupidity on my obsession with this show? Na…… I’m just not thinking! Measure twice, cut once. Peat. Repeat. At some point, I’ll get it.

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  1. I find the unfinished "x" shape interesting in its own right. I'm sure completing the piece with slightly different strips won't detract from it, and possibly might make it more dynamic and interesting!

  2. I wish I had the patience to do what you do, Jerry. Very interesting work. Keep up the creativity!
    Allison Reece