Monday, January 24, 2011

Cobalt Dreams

Cobalt Dreams

Several weeks ago, I received an invitation from DeAnna, Member Relations Manager of the Citrus Club, La Quinta Resort & Club, to participate in their annual Food, Art & Wine event.

As an artist, I was both surprised and honored to receive the invite. DeAnna had not seen my work and extended the invitation solely on the recommendation of Will Schinsky.

If you read my blogs, you may remember that Will is the Executive Director of the Coachella Valley Arts Alliance and he wrote a blog for me several months ago

I was one of eight artists invited. The event was Saturday evening and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I arrived to the Citrus Club with ample time to set up for the event. I wanted to be sure I wasn’t rushed. I wanted it to be a relaxing, enjoyable evening for myself as well. I was definitely not rushed. I’d brought my woven newspaper fabric and assemblages.

I visited a bit with DeAnna. As she looked through my photo album of artwork, she insisted I return home to pick up the paintings as well! So off I went. It’s an hour round-trip drive, La Quinta to Palm Springs. NOW, I’m rushed.

I packaged and packed up my truck with 15 canvases and headed back to the Citrus Club & arrived shortly before the start of the evening. I unpacked & re-arranged the display in record time. I spread out my artwork and incorporated a grand piano for display duties.

Thankfully, I brought a change of clothes. A fresh DRY shirt has such a calming effect. And I remembered Dee Dee’s advice from the prior month: “Breathe!”

I spent the evening visiting with the attendees discussing my artwork and process. They were an interesting, engaged and fun group of club members! I have to say, they have excellent taste in art! OK. I’m biased: I sold several of my pieces. "Cobalt Dreams" was purchased this night.

For this introverted Artist to be alone among a group of total strangers, putting my art out there is terrifying! AND I totally enjoyed myself. I had a great time interacting with the club members. I enjoyed meeting my fellow artists. I enjoyed my interactions with the staff of the Citrus Club. They were all wonderful! What a great evening!

Please take time to visit my website at Take a look at my artwork. Contact me if you want to buy one of my pieces or if you have any questions about a specific piece. My contact information is on my website or you can leave a comment on this blog site for me to contact you (include your contact info!). You can e-mail me at or you can telephone me on my studio phone 760-992-3157. You can call me. I won’t mind!

Thank you for listening,

Jerry L. Hanson

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