Monday, February 21, 2011

Traveling Windows

Prototype for an Eternal Light
(A work in progress)

Six posts ago; I talked about my artistic endeavors with my synagogue. Four of us collaborated to build 12 stained glass windows for our humble temple. Those once ugly windows are now the focal point of our sanctuary.

Each of us developed a thumbnail design for the windows. We then worked together to draw a 1/3rd scale cartoon of each to further develop the designs. When we sat down to critique the four designs, Davi’s design was clearly “it”. Davi’s design was perfect. It still is.

Davi Cheng, a member of the congregation, is the artist who designed our windows. At the time, Davi knew absolutely nothing about stained glass. I was the only one who had worked in stained glass and had to figure out how to translate her design into glass

We worked on the windows for the next seven years. I taught. Davi, Haim & Victoria learned hands on. These windows were a labor of love for us. We worked together nearly every weekend over the years. We laughed and we argued. We became fast friends. Seven years later, with our scars as proof, we were seasoned stained glass artists and our spiritual home had a stunning set of windows.

Shortly after completion of the 12 windows, our congregation began a search for a new building. We found and purchased a building two blocks west of our current building. Construction is nearing completion and we move to our new home in six weeks.

The 12 windows are moving to the new building too. Davi and I worked with the architects (Lewis/Schoeplein, Architects) to incorporate the windows into the new sanctuary. Marc and Toni have worked miracles with their design.

And now Davi and I are once again collaborating on creating art for our synagogue. We are building the doors for our new Ark. We are also building the Eternal Light to hang over the Ark. It’s another labor of love and I welcome the opportunity to hang with Davi in her studio.

We worked together last week developing our designs for the Eternal Light. We laughed and we argued. It was great! It feels good to be cutting glass again. Now, where did I put those Band-Aids???

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Thank you for listening,

Jerry L. Hanson

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