Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Musak to My Ears, Those Liszt....

Had I’d known about Burning Man 40 years ago, I would have checked for gas money and taken off for Black Rock City thinking I would pick up the “crap I need” on the way. And I would have been perfectly happy and content. I would have had a great time.

Not today.

I’m older, but not necessarily wiser. I’m going to Burning Man this year. That’s probably NOT a wise decision. I’m over 60 years old, for crying out loud! I need more assurance than enough gas money. I need a list…

That list protects me. I check it daily – yes, you’re right; I’m not heading out to Black Rock City for a few more months. What’s your point? I need to know what I need to take and I need to know what I’m taking. The list is fine tuned daily as I accumulate the “crap I need”.

Forty years ago, I used a hatchet to pound in tent stakes, chop fire wood AND open the Pork & Beans. Today, I pack a rubber mallet, a 3-pound hammer, can opener and cork screw. No hatchet. Swiss Army knives are so out of vogue these days. I tossed one into the tool bag none-the-less.

Forty years ago, my tent was a pup tent: a flap of oiled canvas, two 3-foot poles, rope and 6 stakes. No floor; open on both ends. It worked and kept me dry. Sometimes.

Youth and ignorance seem to protect the young: I’m not so hardy these days. I have a real tent for Black Rock City which requires its own subheading on my list. It documents everything I need for this tent including tennis balls and clothes pins. There are fifteen separate entries under “tent.” I’m not sure it’s complete.

My list has over 160 line items. My mentors, Joe & Bill, have nearly 1,000 items on their list! I figure I’m roughing it. Last evening, I ordered a solar charger for my iPhone, MacBook Pro, camera and Nano. I need to remember to add those items to my list along with the music to bring. Franz Liszt is an obvious choice. It’s rough.

This excursion to Black Rock City may be the most challenging trip I’ve taken in my 62+ years. I’m looking forward to new experiences and challenges. I’m looking to re-connecting with that 22-year old geek who could take off for a weekend with a few cans of beans and a case of beer to explore the unknown. And I plan to have the time of my life!

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Lastly, I apologize to any lovers of classical music or of Franz Liszt. I couldn’t resist the word play.

And thanks for listening!

Jerry L. Hanson

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