Monday, March 14, 2011

On the Road Again...

My husband, Doc, returned from a week in Puerto Vallarta yesterday. He had a wonderful time. I stayed home and I had a wonderful time. Doc spent his time on the beach, eating and bar hopping. I spent my time making art in my studio. I picked Doc up at LAX & we drove home to Palm Springs last night.

At the end of this week, we both fly off to Ft Lauderdale, FL. I was last there in 1958. Doc has never been. It will no doubt feel as if I’ve never been: I was eight years old then. Fifty-three years later, I’m sure my memories of Ft Lauderdale no longer reflect reality.

We are going to visit long time friends from Cleveland, OH. We met Gregg & Howard in Amsterdam twenty-one years ago. We’ve kept in touch through the years. Gregg & Howard travel to the west coast far more than we head east. It must be something about the snow. Yeah, I don’t do snow well.

Awhile back, Gregg & Howard bought a house in Ft Lauderdale with two other couples. I remember sitting on their patio as the six of them drew up legal a documents and hammered out their limited partnership agreement. This past December, Gregg reminded me that that was 12 years ago! 12 years ago!?!? Where does the time go?!?!?

Every year they invite us to spend time with them in Florida. There has always been a reason why not: all legitimate, although after the 6th time, ANY reason sounds lame. I was either traveling for work or Doc couldn’t rearrange his schedule. It’s so embarrassing. We planned vacations 18 months ahead in those pre-retirement days.

I’m looking forward to this sojourn as a way of clearing my head. I’ve been working this past month on art projects for my synagogue. A week away will do me good. When I return, I can dive back into those synagogue projects with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

So, we’re flying to Ft Lauderdale to visit a week in their new/old vacation home and I’m looking forward to spending quality time with Gregg & Howard. I truly enjoy their company. I do hope it’s warm there. I am going with no pre-conceptions of Ft Lauderdale. Fifty-three years ago, I remember touring Thomas Edison’s laboratory.

Oh, wait! That’s in Ft Myers Sigh. Was it Ft Lauderdale I visited in 1958 or was it Ft Myers?

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Thank you for listening,

Jerry L. Hanson

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